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Gifts in best value for your beloved ones

Gifts in best value for your beloved ones. SGD $39 per person in quick drawing style, see sample below. FREE background to choose from.

Caricatures with different backgrounds

More FREE backgrounds:

Free Background Template (for Head only)

A Smile A Day: 37/365 Caricature of Sexy Sunny and Flower

To a good friend that we have known each other for over 10 years,

hope she will still like this belated birthday gift! đŸ™‚

A Smile A Day 34/365: Birthday Caricature

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dearest friend from San Francisco!!Ka Yan!! ♥♥

Hope you like the drawing with your favorite cartoon character!! ELMO~

A Smile A Day 28/365: Singapore Caricature of Little Pharrell and the Kitty

It’s always a challenge to draw pets and kids when I was doing live caricature in Fisherman’s Wharf as they couldn’t be patient enough to sit still even for 5 minutes. I learned and practiced to capture their face expression with just one glance, actually there are a lot of fun when the result turns out good.

Apparently drawing them from a picture would be a perfect way, I enjoyed drawing this cute little kid Pharrell and his good friend! =)

A Smile A Day: #9 The Birthday Girl Sharon

Last night while we were listening to a live band in an outdoor bar, people were saying “happy birthday” to Sharon. I decided to draw her a picture as her birthday gift since we both called “Sharon”. đŸ™‚